Security & Safety

As the 6th & Vital portion of the 6 Pillars of Survival, Security & Safety are Easily Overlooked. Security can be crucial in any Emergency, Extreme Danger, or life threatening situation. Security is Not just Guns & Ammo. Without Security, your families Safety is at Risk! Listed Below is our Top Recommended Security Products to save your life based on price, ease of use, and how light weight or moveable Security gear is to transport or stash.

Check out our FEATURED Security & Safety Related Gear:

Tactical Pepper Gel For Security

Bracelet SOS Light, Whistle, Compass

4 Pack Emergency Escape Tool

Anti-Intruder Alert Trip Line Trap

Kevlar Trip Line – Alarm Perimeter

144 pieces-in-line Pull String Bang

Emergency Sleeping Bag Thermal Bivy