BLUEFIRE MAPP Gas Cylinder 16.1oz



Pack of 12 Whole Carton, BLUEFIRE Modern MAPP Gas Cylinder, 16.1 oz, 14% More Bonus Fuel than MAP/PRO, Hotter than Propane! Variation of Quantity Bundles Available (12)

  • BLUEFIRE Modern MAPP is a modern substitute to the traditionally known MAPP fuel gas, which was discontinued since 2008. Currently, our product is the only real original MAPP gas substitute available in the North American Market.
  • With our own Patented formula, BLUEFIRE Modern MAPP Gas can provide the closest performances as the original MAPP gas, which means a significant increase in burning temperature than standard propane, while with a significant decrease in gas pressure than 100% propylene and propane products.
  • Hotter burn compared to the standard propane in the same circumstance, higher primary flame BTU, shorter brazing time. If you are a person that care about the temperature, our product is a perfect match for you.
  • Lower gas pressure of our formula, allowing us to fill more fuel content into the US standardized fuel cylinder, so each of our unit contains 16.1 oz fuel content, that’s an exclusive 14% more bonus fuel compared to other popular fuel gas products selling on the market. Longer burning time for each bottle (30-45 mins extra working time by our lab tests) .
  • We are the ONE of the ONLY TWO gas cylinder manufacturers, whose products passed federal regulations and can be legally transported and distributed in the North American Market. All our gas containers are manufactured under USA DOT and Canada TC Certification and constant inspections.

Get Rid of the Propane Taste while Cooking Food!

MAPP / BLUEFIRE Modern MAPP: Specially designed mixture formula. Similar or even higher temperature compared to 100% propylene and standard propane products, while with medium gas pressure. Usually used for brazing and welding projects that have certain temperature requirements, such as HVAC, Plumbing, Automobile, DIY and etc., some people also use it for food process to avoid propane odor usually left on the cooked food. With yellow bottles to mark difference from the blue bottle standard propane.

Works Great with: 

Coleman Classic Propane Stove


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